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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 13, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> he is still on his game. >> the wire fox terrier won best in show at westminster yesterday. >> today ainsley won best in show for us. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good looking dog there. deal or no deal? will he or won't he? the main questions as some republicans urge the president to sign the bipartisan bill on border security. hello midweek i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. the white house refuses to directly answer whether the president will get on board and sign this deal. that includes 1.4 billion for barriers along the southern border. >> bill: the president making it clear he can still get his wall money one way or another when he said this. >> president trump: i have to study it. i'm not happy about it. it is not doing the trick but i'm adding things to it. we'll build a beautiful, big, strong wall that's not going to let criminals and traffickers and drug dealers and drugs into our country.
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>> there are great limits on what he can do and cannot do and we'll have to see what he means. >> this is only a down payment. this is not building all the wall. it is not building the barriers. it is not buying all of the technology we're going to need or the manpower we're going to need. >> sandra: kevin corke reporting from the white house this morning. kevin, is the president going to sign this deal? >> well, $64,000 question of the morning. he seemed to tip his hand a bit during the cabinet meeting yesterday if you read between the lines, sandra. he did as much on twitter as well yesterday. if i'm putting money on the table i'm betting he takes the money and tries to fund the wall by taking money from other pots. let me take you to twitter and share a bit of what the president had to say about this idea of yes, we'll get this thing done one way or the other. he said i want to thank all republicans for the work you have done in dealing with the radical left on border security. not an easy task but the wall
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is being built and will be a great achievement and contributor toward life and safety within our country. there was another tweet i want to share this one. this really speaks to what i was getting at. he says we'll be getting almost $23 billion for border security regardless of wall money, it is being built as we speak. now that second tweet is incredibly important because in effect it lets congressional lawmakers that yes, the president has the authority to pull money from other government pots to fund national security. in this case that means a border wall. >> president trump: the bottom line is on the wall, we're building the wall and we're using other methods other than this and in addition to this. we have a lot of things going. >> did you hear what he said there? in addition to this. now, that's a reference, sandra, to the funding that he could pick up from lawmakers today and tomorrow, $1.3 billion for example and then he would pair that money with other money to help fund the
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construction and renovation of the wall along our southern border. democrats saying that they are spoiling for a fight to that end if he tries to make that happen. we do by the way expect, sandra, to hear more about border security later today when the president speaks to the national sheriffs and city chiefs conference coming up here in washington right around 3:00 this afternoon and we'll bring it to you then. >> sandra: moving onto the recent anti-semitic comments from ilhan omar. what is the president saying about that this morning? >> the president and the vice president have been forceful in their condemnation. you saw what the vice president put out there on twitter. the president saying listen, at the end of the day they are joining republicans and democrats not just calling for an apology. the president said he felt like she should be fired. now all that said, democrats say firing her or removing her from congress is a bridge too far. >> i think we're pretty good as
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democrats when we have one of our own saying something, doing something that is offensive, that we want to make that right. >> as far as you're concerned it's over? >> well, my hope is that congresswoman omar doesn't tweet anymore comments like this one. she did apologize. i will take her at her word she was sorry she did this and that we move on. >> democrats ready to move on and away from that controversy. don't forget today the president welcomes the first family of columbia here to the white house. we'll have that for you then. for now back to you. >> sandra: we'll watch all that. >> bill: vice president mike pence slamming that congresswoman omar on twitter saying her tweets were a disgrace and apology inadequate. anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress much less the foreign affairs committee. those who engage in anti-semitic troeps should face consequences for their words. josh holmes is with us.
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what could be the proper punishment here? >> the vice president is absolutely right. you will recall a month ago when congressman steve king made comments related to white supremacy he was removed from his committees. republicans heard comments they felt were incredibly insensitive, they were, rightfully took action. democrats on the other hand haven't done that. i was struck by the comments that were aired earlier by the democratic congressman who said that somehow democrats have a record of taking action on these things. maybe i'm living in a black hole. a week ago we were talking about the entire delegation of virginia having pictures of black face and sexual assault allegations. they're all still in office. unless i've missed something democrats haven't done much of anything. >> bill: let's see where it goes. you have the green new deal. amy klobuchar with bret and listen to how she responded to this comment and then very
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specific question coming up next, watch. >> i see it as aspirational. i see it as a jump start. i would vote yes but i would also if it got down to the nitty-gritty off than actual legislation or here are goals we have, that would be different for me. >> bill: sounds like wiggle room at the end. however, of those seeking the democratic nomination, you've got klobuchar, gillibrand, warren, booker, all democratic senators who support the new green deal. >> it might have been scribbled out in crayon. a congresswoman put forward ideas like banning air travel and cow flat lance. you have the entire 2020 class of democrats actively trying to support it. i thought mitch mcconnell yesterday, classically mitch
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mcconnell move decided the make all of them vote on it. it will be fascinating to see where they come down. amy klobuchar thinks they're aspirational. >> bill: mcconnell jumps on things like this. he would be eager to see a vote on this on the floor. get everybody on the record and see what they stand and use it over the next two years. >> no question. i don't think there are 10% of americans who can get on board with the proposal as written by aoc. that fact paper came out and it was stunning. we're talking about ripping down every building in america that isn't powered by wind or the sun. it is so ridiculous it is astounding we have to have a conversation about it. look, that's where the democratic party is today apparently. >> bill: nancy pelosi said not one single dollar for border security. you might get 1.4 billion. do you take the deal? >> i think he should and will. 1.4 is more than $1 which nancy
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pelosi said he would get for it. i think there should be no question that president trump is going to secure our southern border. the only thing that we learned here over the last seven or eight weeks that democrats in congress won't join him in that endeavor. he will make sure we have safety and security at the southern border one way or another. this is a step in getting there. >> bill: josh holmes in washington, d.c. talk to you soon. maybe we get some news during our show today. we have the next three hours to wait on it. sarah sanders didn't dismiss the idea. >> sandra: she went on to talk about some of the good aspects to that deal. so we'll see. >> bill: stand by. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> sandra: a shoot-out with a suspect leaves a new york city police officer dead. police responding to a robbery last night in queens. the suspect it turns out was
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carrying a fake gun but multiple officers fired several rounds. officials say it appears to be a tragic case of friendly fire. >> with the suspect advancing toward them the officers discharged their weapons and retreated out of the store. that was when detective simonson was shot. >> sandra: laura engel joins us with this horrible story. >> detective brian simonson wasn't supposed to be on duty last night. bringing extra heartbreak to his family and officers, the 42-year-old detective, husband, father of two was only supposed to attend a meeting last night and excused from duty for the rest of the day but decided he wanted to work. when reports of a possible armed robbery at a t-mobile store in queens came in simonson and another officer rushed to the scene. entered the store. fired when they spotted a suspect what turned out to be a fake gun. when they tried to retreat.
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other officers arrived on scene on opened fire hitting simonson in the chest, the other officer in the leg as well as hitting the suspect. >> friendly fire aside, it is because of the actions of the suspect that detective simonson is dead. >> sandra: the suspect had a lengthy rap sheet and had been suspected in a series of robberies. he is in serious condition this morning. it comes as an increase of officers' deaths nationwide. simonson is the eighth officer killed in the line of duty this year and the first to be killed by friendly fire. new york city mayor deblasio spoke last night about the ongoing danger of the job for officers in the city and nationwide. >> our officers, our detectives and sergeants go in selflessly to protect others and they know it's a moment where they cannot hesitate. where even a moment of
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hesitation could mean a life is lost. >> sandra: the last nypd officer killed in the line of duty happened in 2017 in the bronx. our heart breaks for that officer and his family. >> bill: 11 past. breaking news from a top intelligence committee in washington the chairman richard b*ur says he finds no evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. the president is responding to that coming up here. >> president trump: we need the wall. we need to build it fast. the number of illegal immigrants crossing our borders is so large that we've nowhere to hold them. >> sandra: many angel parents attending the trump rally in el paso the other night. one of them losing his daughter in a hit and run by a suspected illegal immigrant. dan ferguson will be here to tell his story as he and others head to speaker pelosi's office to make their voices heard.
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>> sandra: fox news alert on new findings of a senate panel's russian investigation. the chairman of the senate intel committee says there is no direct evidence of conspiracy between the trump campaign and moscow during the 2016 election. the panel approaches the end of the probe after conducting 200 interviews over a two-year period. president trump responding to the news in a nearly all caps
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tweet saying, quote, there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia exclamation mark. >> president trump: we want to stop drugs. we want to stop traffickers. we want to stop criminals from coming in. walls save lives. walls save tremendous numbers of lives. >> bill: that from el paso this week, monday night. president trump doubling down on the calls for a border wall during that rally. my next guest today was at that rally. his daughter, amanda, was killed in a hit and run accident on thanksgiving day. an illegal immigrant faces charges in her death. her father is dan ferguson. he is in washington, d.c. now and joins us today. dan, good morning. my heart is out to you and your family and friends and the blessed soul of your daughter. tell me about amanda age 28. >> thank you, sir. my daughter was a 28-year-old school teacher in el paso. she was killed on thanksgiving
6:17 am
day by an illegal alien who was out on a drinking spree and ran two red lights to make the matters worse, he was arrested or deported in 2012. he entered the country again illegally, which made him a felon. he was then arrested on aggravated assault charges and put in jail but he was released on bond before they notified ice so he was out into our community again. that's when he went on this drinking spree and ran two red lights killing my daughter while she was in a crosswalk. >> bill: so tragic. you are looking for more immigration reform. you want a wall. i don't know how extensive you want that. you want a crackdown on deportation. he was already deported and came back in the country. you must be exceedingly frustrated when you hear that. >> when they come back to the country the second time it's a felony. when they break the law and are arrested they're required to notify the ice agents. that was not done.
6:18 am
he got out on bond. >> bill: why not, sir? >> that's a good question. that's a good question. i've asked and my attorneys have asked. we have no answers. >> bill: what is your message in washington, d.c.? >> we are here with the angel dads and angel moms. we're hoping to meet with ms. pelosi this afternoon. we want to show her we aren't a bunch of crazy people. i'm a retired educator from texas. my wife an assistant principal. my son a coach and teacher at the middle school. my daughter was a teacher. we're the american citizens that president trump is trying to protect. i lived in el paso for 45 years and seen the results before the wall and after the wall. when i was in school in el paso there were gangs rampant throughout our city. when i did my student teaching at an elementary school i used to watch border patrol agents chase down illegal aliens and tackle them in the playground of our school.
6:19 am
that was before the wall. after the wall, all these incidents have stopped. >> bill: it's been almost three months and i'm certain you replay these moments back in your mind every day and always will. do you think immigration reform as you define it would have your daughter still with you today? >> yes, i do. i am a firm believer if they would have notified ice and they would have picked this guy up after his assault on his neighbor, he knocked his neighbor's front teeth out. if they would have notified ice on this aggravated assault ice would have had a detainer. he wouldn't have been working at a bar illegally and go on drinking binges and run over my daughter and kill her. they didn't let me see my daughter's body she was so badly hit. her legs were broken in eight different places, five skull fractures, 10 broken rings. lung punctured. she died instantly and this is
6:20 am
why sanctuary cities and things like that where they release these people back into the community, it doesn't need to happen. these people are killing our children. >> bill: i can hear it in your voice, sir. thank you for sharing your story. good luck in washington with speaker pelosi and the president. dan ferguson. >> thank you, bill, i appreciate it. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: on to this fox news alert on the political crisis in virginia with the state's top three elected officials there facing growing scandals and continued calls to step down. a republican congressman from virginia will weigh in next. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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6:24 am
flights are more expensive. a way to save money on trips. getting off at the lay over instead of the final destination. the airline is seeking $2400 in missing fees from that passengers. >> sandra: how do you like that? >> bill: definitely a carry-on operation. you agree with that. >> sandra: what a story. >> bill: see who wins that case. >> one thing that i noticed with sexual violence is that there are many people who would like to glance away from this. but what and who we glance away from says so much about our priorities as a society and it says so much about our health and our emotional well-being. don't be afraid to see survivors for who they are. >> sandra: that was vanessa tyson last night, one of the
6:25 am
women accusing the text at lieutenant governor of sexual assault. governor ralph northam says he will not step down despite calls for him to do so over the racist photo on his year book page. adding to the political crisis for democrats in virginia. ben klein from virginia a member of the judiciary committee. great to have you on the program this morning. fair warning to our audience a couple second delay but we want to get to you with us. based on what you know right now about justin fairfax, should he step down? >> well, the facts are still coming out so i look forward to reviewing those facts. i'm a former prosecutor and so i think every victim needs to be heard, every woman should be given the right to be heard. so i applaud the women for coming forward. it takes a lot of strength and courage to come forward when you are a victim of sexual violence. and so i look forward to
6:26 am
reviewing the facts and seeing where they lead. >> sandra: one of his accusers from whom you just heard, vanessa tyson, she sent a letter to virginia lawmakers urging an investigation into her claims. she is asking for a thorough and fair investigation. is that the next step here? >> well, the legislature has limited tools at its disposal to do those kinds of investigations. impeachment was the option that one democrat was pursuing. he pulled back from impeachment but i think you also have the law enforcement in north carolina and -- that are available to conduct those types of investigations. there is no statute of limitations in north carolina on these offenses. so that may be an alternative place to do those investigations. >> sandra: let me put on the screen the "washington post"
6:27 am
editorial board is saying this, mr. northam, the governor and mr. fairfax may believe they can weather the storm by holding tight and uttering platty toouds about reconciliation and respect. the reality is there are factual issues to be addressed. both men had better address them if they can. if they do not or cannot their remaining terms in office nearly three years will be impaired. so that is the editorial board at the "washington post". as far as governor northam is concerned, he appears to -- it looks like he will try to ride this out. do you think he can? >> i think it's unfortunate for the future of the commonwealth of virginia. virginia is a great state. we have so much to offer. and when we're dragged down by that type of horrendous racist behavior we saw depicted in the photograph in his medical school year book for the future of the commonwealth he needs to step aside. we need a chief executive who is strong and go around the
6:28 am
country and the world and advertise virginia and bring in jobs and improve our economy. he can't do that. he is compromised and he needs to step aside. >> sandra: you are making your call clear there. northam has apologized to virginian's for the photo. do you accept his apology or not? the poll is split. the majority of folks saying yes, they would accept his apology. 53%. 42% say no. it has been 13 days since the first scandal began to surface in virginia. what a situation that state is in. finally characterize the state of politics in virginia as it stands this morning, congressman? >> well, i'm a freshman congressman in washington, d.c. i thought i was leaving quiet richmond to go to crazy washington little did i know it would be reversed. but we're very sad in virginia because we've got so much to offer here in the commonwealth and for us to be distracted
6:29 am
from everything that we've got going for us as the number one state to do business, one of the top states to do business, by this distraction the governor is hurting the commonwealth. he talks about reconciliation and healing. we can heal best if he moves on. >> sandra: the third in line, the attorney general, facing controversy of his own there. we'll see where it goes. congressman ben klein of virginia. >> bill: the leader of iran lashing out at the united states, accusations of spiritual harm. what is that about today? >> sandra: plus a bold new proposal to fund the border wall from top republican senator ted cruz and it involves the infamous drug king pin el chapo. we'll have the details on that straight ahead. will the president sign that border security deal? that is the question this morning. senator john kennedy is here to react next.
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>> bill: 9:32. rocking on wall street yesterday. again today up 127 here at the open. there is optimism about avoiding another government shutdown and optimism about talks with china. chew on that and chew on this, our national debt has reached $22 trillion for the first time ever. not a cool sight. you can see the national debt clock clicking away in manhattan. we have yet to see that number until today. >> sandra: hard to fathom that number. a lot of zeros. charles payne will join us next hour and we'll talk about some of the ripple effects from a
6:34 am
number that big. >> bill: how do you get out of that? a lot of debate has escaped it. how do you get out of that? what do you leave for your grandchildren when you look at a figure like that? >> sandra: serious consequences to that. top story of the morning. senate republicans asking the president to avert another government shutdown and gives him a fraction of the money he wants for the wall. sarah sanders saying he is still weighing his options but he will deliver on his promise. >> president wants to see what the final package looks like and he will make a decision at that point. they are still making edits to that legislation and once we see what the final piece looks like, the president can make that decision. you can rest assured the president promised he was going to build the wall and he will deliver. >> sandra: let's bring in louisiana republican senator john kennedy member of the judiciary committee joins us now. senator, good morning to you. always good to have you on the program.
6:35 am
a big morning and a big question. will the president sign this? >> don't know yet. i don't know what the senate is going to do. the house, of course, is democratic controlled. the house will probably do what speaker pelosi and congresswoman ocasio-cortez tell them to do. but in the senate as i said yesterday, nobody is humming "one shining moment." this thing isn't over. i want to know what the president is going to do. if he is going to veto the bill, what's the point? number two, i need to see the details. we won't get them until probably about noon. number three, i would like to know how we are going to pay for it. i know i'm in a minority on that but we're spending taxpayer dollars here, not ditch water and we have to borrow every penny that we spend. having said all that, sandra, i hope that the republican conferees did a pretty decent
6:36 am
job under the circumstances. the president with the other money he already has will get about $2 billion to build a wall and it is a wall. i don't care what anybody says, it's a wall. i'm sorry to upset some folks that don't like that term. and remember, that money is over the next seven months. we get to start over in october. it is going to increase the number of detention beds. our democratic friends wanted to decrease the number of detention beds for people who have entered our country illegally and violated the law. and by decreasing the number of beds in effect what they wanted us to do was turn loose people who violated the law. i mean, i just found that breathtaking. this will increase the number of beds. >> sandra: it would seem the white house, while the president said he wasn't happy, has been able to find some positives in this deal. here is sarah sanders on that this morning.
6:37 am
>> this has made some progress. nancy pelosi said she wasn't going to give a dollar for the wall. this has roughly $1.4 billion. that will go towards the wall. the whole country knows that we need and knows that the president is going the make happen. in total it gives 23 billion in border security, which is desperately needed. it expands ice versus abolishs ice. so there are some positives in this bill. >> sandra: to be clear mark meadows the house freedom caucus has spoken out saying the latest deal is not enough referencing the $1.4 billion for the wall. he said it would take 20 years to complete the wall working with those kind of numbers. i'm hearing from you, senator kennedy, somewhat like we heard from the white house, that there are some positives here and there are some reasons to be optimistic. >> well, there are some positives in it. i'm still not sure i'll vote for it and i respect congressman meadows.
6:38 am
but look, it's not $5.7 billion, but it is not the zero that speaker pelosi said he was going to get, either. with the money already on hand it is about $2 billion, 1.375 in the bill and another $600 million that he has. and that's over the next seven months. i don't agree with the congressman it will take 20 years to get the necessary wall built. i have think we'll do it much faster because i think the american people support border security. it is a compromise. am i happy we had to compromise? no. do i wish it was $5.7 billion? yes. but it is not zero, either, like speaker pelosi wanted. i want to see the details. you have to watch what people do, not what they say around here. i want to see it. >> sandra: senator ted cruz has come up with an interesting
6:39 am
idea. the practicality of it is being questioned. but i want to share with you this tweet. he is proposing el chapo and other drug lords pay for the wall. america's justice system prevailed in convicting el chapo on all 10 counts. u.s. prosecutors are seeking $14 billion in drug profits and other assets from el chapo which should go toward funding our wall to secure the border. what do you think of that concept, senator kennedy? this is his last tweet on the subject. time to pass my el chapo act. i urge my senate colleagues to take action on this crucial legislation. would you support or consider it? >> sure. if we get money out of el chapo, i'm all for it. he is not going to need it where he is going. he is going to be able to buy stuff at a prison store. i'll vote for that.
6:40 am
>> sandra: $14 billion could go a long way. >> i don't think it's $14 billion cash sitting in his checking account. it may be hard to find the assets. that is something we ought to do anyway whether we spend it on the wall or not but sure, i would vote for the bill. >> sandra: we love having you on the program. come back soon, good to see you, sir. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour. iran's supreme leader blasting the u.s. saying talks with washington are a waste of time. the remarks coming as vice president mike pence now attends an american-led meeting in poland focusing on the islamic republic. trey yengst is live in our middle east bureau. >> for the next 48 hours world leaders will attend a summit in warsaw, poland, an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics affecting the middle east including expanding ranian influence in the region. u.s. secretary of state mike
6:41 am
pompeo traveled to warsaw today co-host evidence by the united states and poland and will meet with benjamin netanyahu who issued strong warnings to iran this week after the country threatened to attack israel. with the u.s. having pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last year mike pompeo and pence will look to promote the views of president trump with how iranian influence should be addressed. he confirmed israel struck iranian targets in syria earlier this week. >> we are operating every day against iran all the time against iran and its attempt to entrench itself in the area. >> pompeo and pence will be joined by kushner and others. sources tell fox news the administration will use meetings in poland as a way to remind regional partners that peace between the israelis and
6:42 am
palestinians could help to push back against iranian influence. that peace deal is complete but with israeli elections coming up in april it won't be rolled out soon. >> sandra: the duke blue devils down 23 with 10 minutes remaining and they found a spark here. the team mounting the school's largest second half comeback under coach k. they beat louisville 71/69. >> bill: i love watching duke. they have studs, sandra. they have four freshman, a sophomore. that guy there williamson is a special player. he is 18 years old and he can do everything. keep an eye on it. duke. freshman congresswoman omar ilhan facing calls to resign from congress from the white house. do you see it happening? where does it go from here?
6:43 am
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>> president trump: anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress. and congressman omar is terrible what she said and i think she should either resign from congress or she should certainly resign from the house foreign affairs committee. >> bill: this story lives another day. president trump and vice president pence condemning congresswoman omar after she falsely suggested that a pro-israel lobbying group pays lawmakers to support the jewish state. she apologized for the
6:47 am
statement. marc thiessen, good morning to you. why is the apology not enough for people like you, mike pence, i think the president went on to say deep seeded in her heart? why not accept her apology? >> first they suspect it's not genuine. she has a long history of anti-semitism. this is a woman who in 2012 put out on twitter israel has hypnotized the world. may all yeah awaken the people and help them see israel. they supports the boycott israel movement that wants to turn israel into a pariah like south africa and in few weeks she is speaking to an anti-semitic relief group. this is not just a one-off thing. she is anti-semite. she shouldn't be sitting on the house foreign affairs committee. that helped shape u.s. policy toward israel. >> bill: is there an example for removing a member of congress? 30 minutes ago we were talking about the example of stephen
6:48 am
king. >> i don't know if they can remove her but certainly they should -- you compare the way the republicans handled steve king when he made racist white soup recommendist remarks. they didn't just condemn him and ask him to apologize. they removed him from committee and they condemned him and white supremacy. the democrats haven't done anything like this. they have a big anti-semitism problem in their ranks. maxine waters has been photographs multiple times embracing louis farrakhan. he calls germs termites. bill clinton was photographed on a stage with louis farrakhan a few months ago and congresswoman tlaib wrote for his newspaper and said members of congress who support israel forget what country they represent. this is a major problem in the
6:49 am
democratic party. >> bill: james langford was on cnn earlier day and said he accepts her apology. you get on tv and say things and you tweet things and you react to it too fast. what you describe there is a history of these comments and we'll see where it goes. you mentioned an event in tampa florida on february 23 where she will appear. >> a group called islamic relief usa. an anti-semitic group. accused by israel of terrorist financing and its leaders support the boycott of israel and the destruction of israel. this again is not just -- everybody makes a mistake on twitter every once in a while and says something they wish they hadn't said but it's another thing when you have a policy platform and comments that is anti-israel that says that asks people to wake up and recognize the evil that israel represents. that's anti-semitic. >> bill: this issue and more to
6:50 am
come. we'll see how nancy pelosi manages this. thank you, marc. novel idea for getting funding for the wall. >> sandra: rush limbaugh says no one can say the president has caved. >> he can portray it as a win because the democrats were offering zip, zero, nothing, even though it's less than what trump said he wanted. >> sandra: so will this long saga play out as a win for the president? our a-team will take that one up. plus the nation's largest infrastructure project goes belly up and critics say it's a slap in the face to the new green deal propose all. -- proposal. feel what lighter f.
6:51 am
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>> sandra: california governor gavin knew sew slamming the brakes. significantly scaling back on a long-promised high speed rail project connecting san francisco to los angeles saying the price tag is astronomical. william la jeunesse is live with more from our west coast newsroom. what exactly doomed this project? >> absolutely everything, sandra. bad management, unrealistic projections. condemning farmer's land meant lawsuits and delays. fault lines in mountains. inaccurate ridership surveys. rising sub see dees for ticket prices. it was approved for $10 billion in 2008. this train connecting la to san francisco in 2 1/2 hours, republicans opposed it but democrats supported it. then yesterday governor newsome facing reality scaled the
6:55 am
project back by some 80%. >> abandoning the high speed rail entirely means well rehave wasted billions and billions of dollars with nothing but broken promises, partially fulfilled commitment and lawsuits to show for it. >> democrats green new deal claims i'm quoting high speed rail would make planes obsolete. a claim in this case clearly shown to be highly unrealistic. >> sandra: this project was already underway and money already spent. how much are taxpayers on the hook for? >> all of it. no private money in the deal. state voters were promised a train for over homelessness, second rate schools. they're out $10 billion at least. federal taxpayers thanks to president obama, are likely to lose $3.5 billion which newsome refuses to return despite president trump.
6:56 am
>> with all due respect, i have no interest in sending back $3 1/2 billion of federal funding that was allocated to this project to president donald trump. >> by not stopping the project entirely newsome hopes to avoid repaying washington and a green new deal democrat would win the white house in 2020 and they could sink new federal dollars in the name of climate change. >> sandra: a lot of money. thank you. >> bill: sarah sanders saying the president has options on the table. lawmakers urging him to sign the border proposal. will he or won't he today? a ton to talk about with today's headliner. he is coming up live next.
6:57 am
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cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> sandra: one hour from now a major hearing on capitol hill on the crisis in venezuela with the house foreign affairs committee. this of course as scrutiny surrounds one of its newest members, embattled congresswoman ilhan omar. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." the news is moving fast. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. at home the freshman democrat gearing up for that hearing as members from both parties have made accusations of anti-semitism after her twitter suggestion that lobbyist money was fueling congressional support on behalf of israel. president trump and vice president pence calling her out for programs and members of her own party play a bit of defense. >> anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress.
7:01 am
what she said is so deep seeded in her heart that her lame apology, that's what it was, it was lame. she didn't mean a word of it. it was just not appropriate. i think she should resign from congress. >> her remarks were reprehensible, condemned by the vast expanse of the democratic party and she correctly apologized. >> bill: mike emanuel picks it up from there. good day to you on the hill. what more are top republicans saying about this controversy today? >> vice president mike pence was very tough on twitter writing ilhan minnesota tweets were a disgrace. her apology was inadequate. anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress much less the foreign affairs committee. those who engage in anti-semitic trope should face consequences for their words. a leading house republican says among those consequences should
7:02 am
be her removal from that key committee. >> she is able to get classified briefings on foreign policy, especially as it relates to israel. yet she has made statements, anti-israel, anti-jewish statements, aligned herself with anti-semitic people as well. she should be removed from the foreign affairs committee. that's something nancy pelosi should do immediately. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham says he is glad democrats are now speaking up. >> i don't know if there is a moral high ground from one political party over another on anything. but i would say that consistency is a virtue and i'm pleased with what i heard from my democratic colleagues about the anti-semitism statements, very pleased. >> bill: it will be interesting to see if there are any fireworks between members at today's foreign affairs hearing, bill. >> bill: how are these democrats handling this controversy? the new members, a lot of
7:03 am
attention coming in there, mike. >> it has been awkward with leadership forcing her to apologize. new york democrat congressman who is jewish american was said she was as trouded by her comments. she is hoping to provide education to her. a democrat from minnesota offered this reaction. >> i gave a statement that of course criticized the comments as being anti-semitic. i am glad she apologized. that was the right thing to do. there is just no room for those kinds of words and i think that israel is our beacon of democracy. i've been a strong supporter of israel the and that will never change. >> who congresswoman omar says and meets with going forward will be closely scrutinized. >> sandra: our headliner sits on the house foreign affairs
7:04 am
committee. several lawmakers have asked omar to be stripped of that committee assignment. ted yoho joins us now. congressman, great to have you here. what would you like to see happen? >> at a minimum she ought to be forced off that committee. look at the hypocrisy when steve king said the things he said, the democrats were up in arms. had him sensored and wanted him thrown out of congress. the republican leadership took him off the committee. the democratic leadership should do the very same for representative omar. she did apologize as did other members who have said things in the past. this is something that's getting out of hand and has to stop. the best thing they can do is take her off that committee. >> sandra: is this a conversation you've had with your colleagues and other members of the committee? >> we've talked about this and i think it's a tit-for-tat. if they will go after republicans that hard, somebody like steve king they need to go after the other side just as hard. >> bill: you don't accept the
7:05 am
apology she has put out. >> you know, you will have to ask her how earnest it was. i did not hear it. i read it. all we can say is she said it. she apologized for it. let's move forward but i think there ought to be some removal from the committee. >> bill: the president said it was deep seeded with her. >> it's the second time she has made a gaffe like that. we can write it off to being attention and not used to the attention. she needs to be very careful. the weight of her words carry a lot of weight not just here in congress and minnesota but around the world. for a member of congress to talk like that is unacceptable. >> sandra: do you think there is something to be said more broadly speaking when it comes to new members of congress especially some of the new democrats? >> well, i think all members that when they come up here there will be a learning curve they go through. but i think there should be
7:06 am
zero tolerance for this. we're supposed to be the greatest deliberative body on the planet and we represent not just our districts but we represent america on the world stage. people gauge where america is on what our representatives say. and so we have to be very careful and we also have to be the first to go and censor our members when they step out of line like that. >> bill: three more topics. don't know if we'll get news on the border deal. not sure where you stand. here is where chuck schumer stands on the latest proposal that went to the white house. >> as in all bipartisan agreements, everybody had to give something. we are urging the president to sign it. the president should not make the same mistake he made a couple of months ago when there was a bipartisan agreement and he wound sign it and caused the shutdown. please, mr. president, no one got everything they wanted in
7:07 am
this bill, but sign it and don't cause a shutdown. >> bill: don't know if we'll get a shutdown but should he sign it as chuck schumer is urging there? >> keep in mind chuck schumer shut the government down for a day a year ago because he wanted to change a date by five or six days and i think it's hypocrisy coming from him. should the president sign this? yeah, i think it's a step in the right direction. understand this, though, this is not about a wall. this is about border security. and when we know what's coming over. just last week there was over 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine that came through legal border channels. it was in a load of bell peppers. the week before that there was over 200 pounds of fentanyl in a load of cucumbers coming through the normal channels. border security has to be done 100%. it doesn't matter, it is all of the above, physical barriers, more boots on the ground, more technology, it has to be done to protect the american citizens.
7:08 am
>> sandra: right now the dollar amount being discussed would not cover what the president originally asked for to build that wall. senator joe manchin was asked about the possibility of declaring a national emergency to secure the rest of the border fencing and he said this. >> do you think the president should declare a national emergency? >> i don't think it would work. if i thought it was the only way to get us out of this mess, go ahead and proceed. >> sandra: if that's the only way out of this mess then let's do it. would you support that? >> i would support him signing the funding of the government and then i would do what's necessary to do border security through whatever means the president has. he has already got laws on the books that he can go ahead and do this from 1986 and 1992 that clearly states he can do this. again this is not an issue about a wall, this is an issue about border security. it is nonpartisan. this is something that the number one task of our
7:09 am
government is for protecting the american citizens. it's not being done on the southwest border. >> bill: you're a yes on this deal based on what you see? >> from what i've heard i'm a yes. i will defer until i see the language because i haven't seen that yet. >> bill: two weeks from today the president will sit down with chairman kim in hanoi. you have to get a deliverable out of a summit like this. what does america get from this? what would satisfy you? >> i think you are spot on there. at the very basic -- i was in a briefing -- there is not a clear, defined definition of what denuclearization is that is agreed to on all sides or any of the partners. before you can move forward i think we have to have a very clearcut definition of what that is and until then, the sanctions need to stay on and
7:10 am
we need to keep pressure on until north korea, kim jong-un comes to the table and says i am willing to do this for economic benefit for his country. if he looks at -- i have think it's neat that they are going to hanoi because they can look at a communist country that we were at war with in the 60s. we had a 10-year war there but today they are the 16th largest trading partner and have new nuclear weapons. i hope kim jong-un takes that away we can develop an economy. we don't need nuclear weapons. >> bill: they're growing at 15% a year. an excellent example to talk about. the president expressed that. >> it really is. >> sandra: meanwhile you have a big day coming up. the hearing on capitol hill on the crisis in venezuela. your committee, the house foreign affairs committee will be taking that up. what should we expect from that? >> i think what you are going to see is we'll stand strong
7:11 am
with the interim president guaido. we've met with his ambassador last week. we met with him. we stand strong with them because that's where the people of venezuela -- with what maduro has done operating off of the failed chavez policies they've ruined the economy in venezuela. i think the inflation is over 80,000% if that's possible. and the people are leaving. when you have a country where your citizens are leaving at a rate of three million over the last couple years it is an indication that something might be wrong internally and the maduro regime has done a worst job than chavez. we're hoping that the interim government will step up and that the world will support him and we're seeing that around the world. >> sandra: final thoughts. we have a few seconds left. to what extent do you want the u.s. to get involved there? >> i think the humanitarian means that we're offering. when you see maduro stopping that i think that's a strong
7:12 am
message that we're trying to do what's right for the people of venezuela and if we just keep that pressure on i think maduro will collapse. the best thing for the venezuelan people. >> bill: nice to see you, the republican from florida ted yoho. we went through a lot. thank you, see you again. >> thank you. >> sexual assault in our lives can have a very prominent impact on our understanding of ourselves, our bodies, the world around us. >> bill: that's the first woman to accuse virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault. that's her first public appearance since making that allegation. dr. vanessa tyson. she was scheduled to speak on the #metoo movement and she appeared. we're live in richmond, virginia. garrett, good morning. >> bill, good morning to you. vanessa tyson did not mention lieutenant governor justin
7:13 am
fairfax by name or her accusations against him last night at the symposium but a lot of parallels you could draw to her current situation. at one point she talked about how there is a recurring theme. when women come forward there is a deliberate attempt to undermine their credibility which is how fairfax initially responded to her allegations. then during the q & a portion of the event she was asked how can we inspire girls and women to speak up about sexual assault when the justice system slaps offenders on the wrist? >> speaking as a professor at a women's college, sometimes you have to lead by example. no matter how hard it is. >> a few hours before the event tyson's attorney sent a letter to the leadership of the virginia's legislature with their not moving ahead on impeachment. the attorneys said whatever the fourm we expect the legislature will oversee an investigation
7:14 am
and take appropriate action to hold lieutenant governor fairfax responsible. i received this statement from fairfax's office saying the lieutenant governor has stated repeatedly that he has never sexually assaulted anyone anywhere. state lawmakers are at a loss to go about investigating these allegations and pointing the finger to the local law enforcement in durham, north carolina and boston, massachusetts where the two alleged assaults took place. that's probably the best route to go for a full and thorough investigation. here they feel like their hands are tied how they can do it without subpoena power. >> bill: the latest there from richmond, virginia today. >> sandra: a fired up president trump sounding off on the russia probe. >> president trump: no president should ever have to go through what we've gone through in the first two years.
7:15 am
it is a hoax. >> sandra: that was earlier this week. we're now learning the chairman of a top intelligence committee agrees with the president. senator burr says no direct evidence of collusion. more on that coming up. >> bill: also $22 trillion in debt. the first time we hit that mark. that's where the u.s. stands as of today. what does it mean for you at home and what does it mean for your future? charles payne is here to explain the pain next. ♪ we earned a lot of va benefits with our service. but the va home loan benefit is a big one. if you want to use it to get cash, call newday usa. and don't let less than perfect credit hold you back. even if you've been turned down for a va loan by your bank, call newday usa. they've been given automatic authority by the va, and they can often help veterans when other lenders won't. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value,
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>> sandra: here we go. the national debt blasting through that $22 trillion mark for the first time ever. charles payne, that's a big number. >> we have to take off. we have a problem. it's one of these things i think at this point because we used to talk about it a lot. when it really started taking off under the obama administration. i'll tell you what it means for us in the last fiscal year last year we spent $523 billion on interest. not on the debt itself. just on the interest on the debt. that number -- that's a problem. that number will go to $1
7:20 am
trillion. you could build a wall around the country a few times. think about that. i shake my head these days because it is apparent. mick mulvaney got in hot water for making a comment that no one cares about deficits, right? and i got to say as much as we have talked about this, as much as we warn about this, i feel like it's the inevitable cliff we must go off. i don't think either political party ultimately has the will to either slow down spending or, you know, find a way to -- >> bill: republicans would argue they were one vote away. one vote away. >> maybe they'll get another shot. i'm not sure. a lot of things out there now. a lot of the policies and programs out there now are about spending. >> sandra: why is it ballooning? $30 billion in one month,
7:21 am
charles? >> the spending plan had a lot to do with it. a huge spending plan. president trump had no choice with respect to his goal of enhancing our military from capabilities to esprit de corps. we were in bad shape and considering how china and russia were coming on. very few concessions made on the other side. another race. some of the things we might get in terms of bipartisanship, they will be some deficit busters like a massive infrastructure programs which could possibly happen now. >> bill: a couple more topics. union leaders don't like the green new deal. it may lead to poverty. here is the quote. members are worried about putting food on the table. >> interesting equation. mathematical equation. when someone loses a job they have no money. there is a line in the green new deal that bothers a lot of people from miners to construction workers to a lot
7:22 am
of laborers called just transition. in other words, your poverty is justified for the greater good so suck it up, miners and construction workers. this is what we need to do to battle climate. it may get one degree hotter or cooler, i'm not sure anymore over the next 100 years. >> sandra: i'm holding this up. i printed off the old version of the green new deal and the new version. went through line by line to see how it changed. it is very interesting the things that they decided that, i don't know what the word would be, too egregious or not practical. they couldn't put it in there because of the reason and the new deal. what are people saying about this? you talk to wall streeters. >> they just don't believe it is going to ever happen. i think that's a mistake on their part. they are thinking at this from a logical point of view, the point of view about the poverty, the impracticality of
7:23 am
it. they are thinking about all of these things and they don't understand that the massive campaign to get this done that climate change is enemy number one. >> sandra: it's vague. how do you get to these conclusions? >> it has to be vague. you think they'll put in there how much it will cost or how many people may lose their jobs? there will be just transitions. >> bill: you brought news yesterday 7 million job openings in america. that blew you away. >> 7.3 million job openings in this country. we've never had this many jobs. it is the composition of these jobs. construction workers, warehouse workers, transportation. it is absolutely beyond mind-boggling. an amazing economic miracle. >> bill: a new golden era. >> we're in the midst of an economic renewal that a lot of people said could never happen and it is centered around manufacturing renaissance that we were told would never, never happen. that's what is at the center of all of it.
7:24 am
>> sandra: you are choked up over it. let me tell the president tweeted this morning about the gallup poll we discussed yesterday. gallup announced 69% of our citizens expect finances to improve next year. it all comes together, right? people are generally feeling better about their financial position. >> that same poll 50% said their financial conditions got better last year. the highest number since the great recession since 2007. 69% say they expect it to get better over the next year. that's because not only do they have a job but wages are going up or they plan to move to a higher paying job. when you have 7.3 million jobs out there you have mobility. >> sandra: it's something. >> bill: it's a great story. >> it's really a much, much better story. >> bill: there is a reason why charles looks so fine today. working for neil. >> sandra: thank you very much.
7:25 am
>> bill: rush limbaugh has advice for the president how he is handling the border wall battle. check it out. >> everybody is so out of their gourds on this because of theron going belief that trump is some ogre and not sophisticated and not capable. not an individual thinker. they still don't know who the man is. >> bill: we'll debate that in questions whether or not the president signs it and will he file it as a win? embattled democratic congresswoman omar gearing up for a house foreign affairs committee hearing today as some lawmakers say she should no longer be in that position. our a-team will take that up as well coming up. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there.
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7:30 am
donald trump and russia. the fact is that the real collusion was between hillary and the democrats and the other side. that's starting to make a lot more sense. but that's where the collusion is. >> bill: that from el paso monday night sounding off earlier in the week about the russia matter. the senate intelligence committee said it is close to issuing a report on their investigation into all of this. peter doocy is live in d.c. he is on stand by. how close are we do you think? >> it could be a couple weeks, a couple months. however long it takes the intel committee staff to type up the highlights from 200 witness interviews. but the republican chairman of that committee tells us that they basically got 200 witnesses telling them no direct link between the kremlin and the trump campaign. >> and what factually we found
7:31 am
to date, we haven't finished with our investigation, and i think just recently i think there was a story that said the democrat staff confirmed that that's where we were. we still have some investigation left, though. >> the top democrat on the committee told us a couple weeks ago he has a different point of view after rudy giuliani clarified he never said there was no collusion with the campaign. mark warner told us then when you have a campaign chairman sharing polling data with a knowing russia agent when you have as many indictments that have come out of the mueller investigation. when you see the level of unprecedented contact between russians and folks with the trump campaign i understand why mr. giuliani is hard pressed to say there was no collusion. they have a little more work left to do. >> bill: when is the final
7:32 am
confirmation vote for bill barr? >> we expect it to be tomorrow. in that procedural vote yesterday three democrats voted to advance the barr nomination. they were joe manchin, kyrsten sinema and doug jones. rand paul voted against him. he said bill barr was a leading proponent of surveillance and his record is troubling to me. after this confirmation vote we expect barr to be sworn in and the mark whitaker era comes in a close. >> if the president signs this, what can he say? he can say look, i wanted 64 mile expansion of the wall. i have a 55 year. he can portray it as a win because the democrats were offering zip, zero, nothing,
7:33 am
even though it's less than what trump said he wanted. anything that happens that solidifies and sements that effort as being taken and underway the president can portray as a win. can always hold out the card of a declaration of a national emergency to get the rest of it built and so forth. so i don't know what they're thinking in the white house on this. but i'm sure they're looking at it somewhat similar to this. how can we portray this as a win to our people if we sign this? if he signs this he will have to make the case that you never get everything you want all at once in washington we've got divided government. we have them off the zero. we're moving in the right direction and continuing to build the wall. >> sandra: you were listening to rush limbaugh. let's go to our a-team. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to george w. bush
7:34 am
george w. bush. judith miller fellow at the manhattan institute and a fox news contributor. david druker, senior political correspondent for "the washington examiner". we're left with a big question. will the president sign this deal? rush limbaugh is making the case he could walk away with a win even if he does. >> i think the president should sign it based on what we know now. it is still being put together. the basics that are known is a win for the president. in a $4 trillion budget this is small claims court. if both sides go away unhappy it's a good deal for both sides. with divided government the president has an opportunity to build on his wall as we go. it is money that will be used. >> sandra: does it include declaring a national emergency? >> bill: judge judy. >> i don't think he will declare a national emergency. >> it's in the arsenal.
7:35 am
>> it's in the arsenal in the way another shutdown was in the arsenal. it is guaranteed to divide his own party and therefore not be a win for him. i have think that donald trump has learned the hard word compromise, the c word, it is not ugly. it does get you partly where you want to go but let's face it. this is not a win for donald trump because 1.375 billion is less than 1.6 billion which is what the house and senate had agreed the last time. and the president turned it down. this is taking a very bad situation that he created and putting a good spin on it. but when you can be bullied by ann coulter and rush limbaugh, this doesn't make the president look strong. >> i think the president should have learned a very important lesson. number one, whoever takes responsibility for a government shutdown loses even if the american people are with you on
7:36 am
policy. they don't like a shutdown being wielded as a tactic and you lose. second, if the president had kept his word in december. the word he gave to mitch mcconnell taking the $1.6 billion he could have turned it around on new speaker nancy pelosi and said i didn't want 1.6. i wanted more. what will you give. instead he ended up behind the eight ball in a shutdown that didn't work. he got more than zero he got a lot less than he wanted. >> sandra: he hasn't signed the deal first of all and we're getting reporting from the white house now that the president is in no hurry to sign this border security legislation. so you talk about it as if he signed it. >> well no, he has to sign it by friday unless he wants the government to go into another shutdown. the ball is in his court. we've talked about this. i tell you what he is do when i know who is the last person he is going the speak with. i think rush limbaugh's sign-off is key for him. these are signals he looks for and i don't think he wants to get into another government shutdown. a national emergency is
7:37 am
constitutionally questionable. he have risks a rebuke from congress including republicans in the senate. >> sandra: i want to put this out there. the reporting from the white house, john roberts said the president is in no hurry to sign this border security legislation. but there are indications that he is getting that he is expected to sign that border security legislation and here is senator lindsey graham a short time ago in the halls of congress with the likelihood of the president signing this. listen. >> i spoke to him last night. there is a lot of ifing going on. if you can spend the money on barriers as he would like in places he would like. and if there is no real cap on detention bed space for violent criminals, i think the president is inclined to accept the agreement. >> bill: this is a fast-moving story. "wall street journal" earlier this morning declaring border
7:38 am
victory. bipartisan deal is the only good way out of this budget box canyon. declare victory and get out. >> there is some silver linings here. one of them is the fact that i don't think there will be another government shutdown under donald trump. we'll no longer use public employees as pawns in a game of extortion. i think that's a positive thing to come out of this. the other thing is if the president were to sign this bill again this is just the beginning of border security that is going to be revisited time and time again. as lindsey graham said the president has discretionary funds to use not using his emergency powers. >> bill: another topic. >> sandra: congresswoman ilhan omar is tweeting a few moments ago. i want to set this up for you. she has come under fire for the anti-semitic tweets that she sort of apologized. if you look at the end of the
7:39 am
apology it didn't satisfy a lot of folks. the vice president weighed in saying those tweets were a disgrace and her apology was inadequate. anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress he writes, much less the foreign affairs committee. those who engage in anti-semitic trope should face consequences for their words. this is in the wake of multiple calls from members of that committee for her to be removed from that post. she is now firing back. this directed towards the president. i don't have it in front of me. if you can throw it up. you read it. >> bill: donald trump, you've trafficked in hate your whole life against jews, muslims, indigenous, immigrants, black people and more. i learned from people impacted by my words. when will you speaking of fast-moving stories. we have another angle on this now. >> sandra: i think it's important to see what she was firing back. the president put in his own words a call for her to be removed from that committee. he said i think she should be
7:40 am
ashamed herself. >> i don't think she has fully grasped what was wrong with her initial words that got her into trouble. it wasn't that she has a different idea of what u.s. policy toward israel should be. it wasn't that she has been critical of israeli policy. ist has to do with using tropes that suggest american lawmakers are favorable for israel being bought off by jewish money. over time. her apology has been criticized on the right. so far accepted on the left. i think over time we will see if she has changed the problematic parts of the language that she has been using. i will say i don't think it serves her well or the president well to get involved in a tit-for-tat in a war of words about who is more anti-semitic or more offensive. politically it does neither of them any good. >> bill: he phrases it he doesn't understand the intent of her words. >> i believe that's true.
7:41 am
i think what we've seen with this young representative is a pattern of such tweets and behavior. and an unwillingness to understand what she is really saying and why it offends people so deeply. on the other hand i would be much more comfortable with the criticism of her and the demands for her to be removed from the committee if we had heard donald trump speak up about steve king, which we still have not -- that hasn't happened. >> bill: they took action against steve king. should she keep her position on this committee or not? >> she should not. >> she should not. >> i think the democrats would make a martyr out of her if they removed her from the committee. they are in a better position to have influence on her this they are critical if they demand stronger language without removing her from the committee. >> bill: we'll hear more later today. new developments now in a moment on the case of this
7:42 am
missing woman. savannah spurlock's father breaking his silence with that exclusive interview. >> sandra: a growing number of democrats jumping into the presidential race. how the media is branding those 2020 candidates. howard kurtz has an interesting take on all that and joins us next. >> i don't have a political machine. i don't come from money. but what i do have is this, i have grit. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> sandra: reporting out of the white house a few moments ago john roberts reporting that the president is expected to sign the border security legislation but not so fast. he apparently is in no hurry to sign that legislation. we're looking for more details. the white house this morning via sarah sanders saying the president wants to see the language and the specific details in the plan before he
7:47 am
makes a final decision. so there has been no decision made yet on whether he will sign that legislation. so we await that and whether -- await any idea whether or not he will sign it. the possibility also is reporting a national emergency is still on the table. no decision is made on that, either. so we are waiting on the breaking news from the white house. >> bill: 2020 hopefuls growing by the week. commentators are ready to designate labels. howard kurtz right feminist bachelor, conciliator. how the media -- want to pull another quote from your piece. you write with so many democrats joining the 2020 stampede, the media trying to brand each one often with help from the contenders and their strategists. it could define the early stages of the race. all right. go ahead, howie. >> there are so many people running already. every time a democrat changes
7:48 am
planes in iowa. eyeing a possible run. that the press needs to turn some of these candidates into characters and the candidates themselves also need a way to break through this. kirsten gillibrand, "the new york times" says she is running as a woman for women. that's her safe space. for example cory booker is running as the bachelor. dropped word he has an unnamed girlfriend. there was a tv show by that name. "politico" had this headline. is america ready for a single president? >> bill: did you see howard schultz last night? he did a town hall. here is a bit paying for the wealthy saying he wants to pay more in taxes. what is holding you back? have a listen to this. >> i should be paying more taxes and people who are in the bracket of making millions of dollars or whatever the number might be should be paying more
7:49 am
taxes. i think what i'm saying is we need comprehensive tax reform is being proposed at 70% is a punitive number. i think there are better waives to do this. >> bill: how do we label him? is he the tax man now? >> he is a coffee guy. the coffee king pin who can't quite figure out on a lot of issues. he couldn't say in that town hall whether he would difshest himself of his stake in starbucks if he became president. amy klobuchar, the blizzard lady announcing in the minnesota snowstorm but the democrat who republicans like. "wall street journal" praising her, republicans speaking out. i don't know if it helps her but it has become part of her early -- identity. >> sandra: if you want to pay more taxes, cut a check. thank you, howard kurtz.
7:50 am
the mysterious disappearance of a young kentucky mother of four savannah spurlock's father is breaking his silence on the three men she was last seen with. >> somebody might know something. somebody needs to step up and say something. i need some kind of resolve. i don't want to live life not knowing. can get you $54,000 or more to pay off credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can help veteran homeowners when other lenders won't. home values are rising. now's the time to use the va home loan benefit you've earned with your service. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa
7:51 am
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> i love you. i miss you. i miss you so, so much. >> sandra: heartbreak from the father of a missing kentucky mom breaking his silence in an interview with fox news. 23-year-old savannah spurlock has been missing for over a month now. her father says he has been keeping the news from her 4-year-old son. matt finn is live from lexington, kentucky with the latest. matt. >> cecil spurlock tells us he has been taking care of savannah's 4-year-old son and that boy is giving him strength because he does not want to break down in front of that toddler. savannah's dad tells fox news that his daughter was going through a difficult phase in life. that she was making bad decisions around the time she
7:55 am
disappeared. he was showing her tough love and tells us he felt like she was going to snap back to the responsible mother that so many people tell us she is. he and his daughter loved to vacation together. one of his proudest moments when he excelled in classes and lifeguarding during her first year of college. now her dad says he is drawing strength from god and pleading for anyone with information to end his nightmare. >> she was god loving and awesome person. i know she made some bad decisions, i know that. she doesn't deserve what happened to her. i want to say it again. three men take a girl to the middle of nowhere, somebody knows something. >> savannah went missing january 4th after leaving a bar with three men that none of her friends and family know. her father has been taking care of her 4-year-old son, noah. he says tomorrow noah will go to therapy where he will be told for the first time about
7:56 am
his missing mom. >> he is going to therapy to find out about his mom. he is awesome. he is awesome. i got him. i'll take care of him the rest of his life. he will be a good boy. >> bill: there is high political drama. new reporting from the white house at this hour. president trump waiting to see what is in the deal before he makes a decision. so we'll go live to the white house, talk to john roberts who is breaking this news right now. come on back at the top of the hour here on "america's newsroom."
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. >> sandra: fox news alert on the next steps to avoid a government shutdown. the deadline is friday. sources telling fox news no decision whether the president will sign that border deal. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: rocking morning. i'm good. are you all right? how are you? i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the measure providing a fraction of the money the president wants with the border wall. he is not happy with the compromise but he didn't say i will not sign it. john kennedy earlier today on "america's newsroom." >> i with like to know how we are going to pay for it. i know i'm in a minority on that. we're spending taxpayer dollars
8:01 am
here, not ditch water. and we're having to borrow every penny that we spend. having said all that, sandra, i hope that the republican conferees did a pretty did a decent job under the circumstances. >> bill: there is that. chief white house correspondent john roberts picks up our coverage. where are we now? >> good morning. the president has not said that he will not sign the bill but the president has also not said that he will sign the bill and a highly placed white house source tells fox news this morning the president has not made a decision whether he will sign the legislation being worked out by congress right now and the president won't make a decision whether to sign it until he, the white house and department of homeland security have had plenty of opportunity to go through the bill, which they have not seen yet, with a fine tooth comb. what the president knows about the proposed legislation is only from conversations that white house staff have had with members of congress and fox news is told that there is a
8:02 am
lot -- a lot in this proposal that the president does not like. here is what the press secretary sarah sanders said this morning. >> the president wants to see what the final package looks like and he will make a decision at this point. they are still making edits to that legislation. once we see what the final piece looks like, the president can make that decision. >> the deal calls for $1.37 billion to create new border barrier as well a new border technology. the border patrol will be allowed to choose whatever type of barrier they want along the border. there you see the old steel landing mat fence. they were from the vietnam era used to cover swamps so helicopters could land on them and turned into border wall. the president already indicating, though, that he is going to put more money toward a border wall than he is going to get in the conferees deal.
8:03 am
the president tweeted. looking over all the aspects knowing this will be hooked up with lots of money from other sources. this concept of lots of money from other sources is the latest point of friction between the president and democrats in congress. the president has what's called transfer authority. that means he can move money around between departments to add money to wall construction. can also reprogram money from within the dhs budget. but doing that he would likely run into a buzz saw of opposition in congress. listen to what chuck schumer said yesterday. >> as for moving around the money, he needs congressional permission to do it. it was done in the past by president obama and president trump but they controlled the pub -- the republicans controlled the house and gave him the okay. he doesn't have the authority to do it without house permission. >> under the rules the president does have to inform congress that he plans to move
8:04 am
money around. it is unclear whether congress can block him from doing that. there is no question, bill, they would probably try to do that. here is another issue to consider here as we're into wednesday. this legislation has not even been finished yet, hasn't been voted on by the house or the senate. now we're running into a time problem. can the white house go through the legislation before the friday deadline, or might they need more time to do it? keep an eye on that, bill. >> bill: it's 11:04 a.m. how would you tell our viewers how you would look at this john? what's the next indicator we should be catching? >> i think that today will be in a holding pattern. certainly again the president wants to take a very, very hard look at this. he may ask for some changes because there are some things in this bill he really does not like and then it's all a matter of whether there is a time to go through that whole process
8:05 am
before friday or if you might need to take some other step to give the white house and dhs more time to go through this bill. now, if the president doesn't sign this bill, we can go into a shutdown. they may have to come up with a different idea if they want to keep government funded. >> bill: we'll be watching by the hour. john roberts, thank you. >> sandra: another fox news alert. a house foreign affairs committee hearing on venezuela underway at this hour. among the lawmakers on that committee democratic congresswoman ilhan omar facing growing calls to resign over tweets that lawmakers from both parties have called anti-semitic. >> president trump: congressman omar is terrible what she said and i think she should either resign from congress or she should certainly resign from the house foreign affairs committee. >> sandra: joining us now martha maccallum is here. see you at 7:00 tonight. first you join us.
8:06 am
the news is moving fast and now omar is firing back at the president because we heard him talking in that cabinet meeting yesterday about what he referred to as her lame apology. want to throw that up on the screen. here is her latest response moments ago. hi to the president. you have trafficked in hate your whole life against jews, muslims, black people, indigenous. i learned by people impacted from my words, when will you? so the back and forth continues this morning. >> sandra: she is clearly upping the ante in this conversation. the question remains. it's a free country. she can say what she wants but she will also have to deal with the ramifications of what she says and her beliefs are. one of the reasons there is a lot of discussion taking her off the committee as steve king was pulled off his committees for comments he made, what's the impact of your belief system on how you will legislate and how you will act on the foreign affairs committee? and also she is a
8:07 am
representative. if her constituents are not happy with the way that she is putting forward policy on that committee or the things that she is saying, they are going to -- that will be their opportunity to remove her in a couple of years. this is fine walking territory she is on now. she has launched into a competition with the president here this morning. >> sandra: josh holmes was on our program this morning drawing the contrast between you referred to the steve king controversy and now omar's and here is what he had to say. >> you'll recall a month ago when congressman steve king made comments related to white supremacist that kevin mccarthy acted quickly to remove him from his committees. republicans heard comments that they felt were incredibly insensitive, they were, rightfully took action. democrats on the other hand haven't done that. >> sandra: no indication she will resign or step down from that committee. there are growing calls for her
8:08 am
to do so. the vice president has tweeted this, stepping into the conversation saying those tweets were a disgrace and her apology was inadequate. anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress much less the foreign affairs committee. those who engage in anti-semitic trope should face consequences for their words. >> that's the point. it is not just about the tropes and hurting people's feelings, it's about policy and the fact that israel is the only jewish country, the only independent democracy in the region and it is under constant fire. it is under constant pressure in the middle east. so how she sees that in terms of american foreign policy and who our alliances are with is really significant if she wants to carry forth the foreign policy of this country as a representative of the united states of america. those are the questions she has to answer more so than these
8:09 am
sort of tropes which a hurtful and insensitive. the deeper policy issue that people should question the most. >> sandra: the president is likely to see the text of this deal before your show and make a decision. >> signals the president was ready to sign it. he doesn't want another shutdown and not politically beneficial to him but there is a lot of pressure he is under. he has taken a hit on this number. they were at $20 billion. now $1.3 billion. $1.6 billion on the table that was shot down. it hasn't gone well for the white house. we'll see what they decide as we watch this afternoon. >> sandra: see you at 7:00 tonight. >> bill: thank you, ladies. a shoot-out in new york city leaving a police officer dead on the street apparently killed by friendly fire. >> shots fired, shots fired! >> bill: several officers responding to a robbery last night in queens, new york.
8:10 am
they opened fire on a suspect who appeared to be holding a gun. it was a fake. the officer was killed in the crossfire. laura engel with more on this tragedy. >> extra heartbreaking detail we learned this morning. detective simonson wasn't soesed to be on duty last night. the 42-year-old detective, husband and father of two was only supposed to attend a meeting at his precinct last night and excused of duty for the day but decided he wanted to work. when reports of a possible armed robbery at a t-mobile store in queens rushed to the scene and fired when they spotted a suspect holding out what turned to be a fake gun. when they tried to retreat other officers arrived on scene and in the chaos start evidence shooting hitting simonson in the chest. the other officer in the leg as well as hitting the suspect. >> make no mistake about it, friendly fire aside, it's because of the actions of the
8:11 am
suspect that detective simonson is dead. >> the suspect was a 27-year-old had a lengthy rap sheet and had been suspected in a series of robberies. he is in serious condition this morning. this comes amid an increase in officers' deaths nationwide. he is the eighth officer killed in the line of duty this year and the first killed by friendly fired. the last nypd officer killed in the line of duty was in 2017. mayor bill deblasio just spoke about the ongoing danger of the job. >> i just want to remind everyone that our officers, like detective simonson, put their lives on the line for us, our officers come and put their lives on the line to make sure that we survive. that's what detective simonson was doing. >> police commissioner calling this a tragedy adding it's the worst outcome any police officer or family of a police
8:12 am
officer could ever imagine. >> bill: thank you for that reporting here in new york. our best to his family. >> sandra: the political crisis for virginia democrats at a stand still. embattled governor ralph northam not stepping down after his admission he wore black face in the past while his lieutenant governor faces allegations from sexual assault from two women and losing staff members. >> we'll be voting on that in the senate. we'll give everybody on opportunity to go on record and see how they feel about the green new deal. >> bill: with a tie included mitch mcconnell trying to get senate democrats including those running for the white house on the record. how could that affect the 2020 candidates? karl rove with the deep dive on that coming up next. are so many of youow there who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country
8:13 am
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>> bill: word from the f.b.i. a former u.s. service member and counter intelligence agent from the state of texas has been charged with espionage on behalf of iran. it's monica whitt. accused of assisting ranian intelligence and targeting former federal agents. four iranians are also charged as co-conspirators. her primary motive is ideological. when she defected to tehran she
8:17 am
said she was going home, end quote. that news just breaking now. >> sandra: senate majority leader saying he wants the senate to vote on the green new deal putting democrats who support it on the record. 2020 presidential candidate amy klobuchar telling bret baier last night she would vote yes. >> the green new deal. i see it as aspirational, as a jump start. i would vote yes. i view this as a framework for discussion but nothing that we aren't going to reduce air travel right nou. we are not going to get rid of all of these industries right now. we just need to start as a country seeing it as an aspiration to do better than we're doing now. >> sandra: karl rove is former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. good morning to you. aspirational. she would vote yes, she says. >> we won't take away your right to get on an airplane now
8:18 am
or your right to have a gas-powered automobile now. we aren't going to take away your right to work in the petrochemical or oil and gas production but we'll start working down that path. that was the nanny state coming but it is aspirational. don't worry about it. within 10 years we'll get rid of natural gas, coal and nuclear and all of our energy under the act would be provided by renewables which nobody thinks is achievable. this is an ill thought out and ill conceived scheme and if it were to be followed would beggar the economy to no good purpose. the united states of america is the only major industry all country for most of the last 20 years has kept its co2 emissions flat or slightly reduced while growing its economy. we've grown it in the last year or two our emissions as a country have groan because we don't have the infrastructure to catch the gas being produced in west texas and in north
8:19 am
dakota, and use it instead it is being flared off which is why our co2 emissions are rising slightly. over the 20-year period we've been flat or declining. the only major industrialized to do that. let's beggar our economy. >> sandra: you print out the resolution. you read it, 14 pages. it is tough to understand how they get to these lofty goals because there is really no specifics. there is no details as to how this would be achieved at all. let alone in a 10-year period, karl. this warning from alexandria ocasio-cortez. don't mess with our future. it's all our lives at stake. the younger you are the more consequences you will see. it is life and death for us and you will fight like it. that's where she stands and this is her belief.
8:20 am
>> she has a deeply ideological view that we'll all die until we do what she tells us to do. she put out a fact sheet on her website that listed off the things that they would do. they would literally kill oil and natural gas, coal and nuclear within 10 years in order to get to what's called zero emissions. so people set this as a goal of trying to get to zero emissions by 2050 and even then the scientists were saying it would be difficult to do. nobody i know with a reputation can do it within 10 years without disrupting our economy. everybody has to be paid a union wage. retrofit every house, transform manufacturing and agriculture, god knows what that means. this is a laundry list of lunatic ideas. even left wingers at the new yorker has said it is a complete mess and democrats
8:21 am
shouldn't be endorsing this kind of nonsense. >> sandra: even environmentalists have said it's not achievable in 10 years. final thought. ed markey who co-authored this is saying mitch mcconnell is trying to sabotage this movement by bringing this to the senate floor for a vote. your thoughts finally? >> wait a minute. hr109. i thought it was the way we were going to go. stand up and say you're for it. a great move by mitch mcconnell to show hypocrisy of the left. they toss out nutty ideas and scream when people are given a chance to vote it and discuss it. republicans better take this seriously and pursue it for the next year and a half. it will help them paint the democratic party for what it is, taken over by the nutty left. >> sandra: great to see you this morning. thank you, sir. >> bill: that green new deal just dealt a big blow from california. the governor slamming the brakes on a high speed train line.
8:22 am
why the nation's largest infrastructure project is now dead in the water. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
8:23 am
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>> bill: another alert on the caravan currently at the u.s./mexican border. some of the 1800 migrants are being processed with law enforcement on the u.s. side saying they're ready for whatever comes their way. casey stiegel back at his post eagle pass, texas, with more today, casey. >> yeah, it's pretty complicated and confusing. we want to break this process down and walk you through what the migrants go through. the steps that they take. gives you a sense of why it can take quite a bit of time. the majority of them remember are seeking asylum. every single day in this spot they bring less than 20 people over. a group of about 20 of all ages
8:26 am
and the agents say that they can only take that many because they don't have enough space here. they've converted conference rooms and offices into intake rooms and nurseries for small children. the officers conduct a credible fear interview which can take up to three hours per case. then if it's determined they meet the eligibility they are taken to a u.s. detention facility from there to begin the asylum process officially with the courts. but before that can happen, minors are also taken to the local yard here in america to be checked out. >> sometimes depending on how active and how busy that emergency room is, our cases might wait in line, wait their turn for sometimes as many as three, four, five hours while they are being -- so they can be medically cleared. >> security remains high on both the united states and the
8:27 am
mexican side. until their turn is called the migrants remain housed as a warehouse across the border in piedras negras, mexico. so far more than 700 have been issued special visas to stay in mexico and look for work for up to one year. meantime federal officials tell us they're tracking another caravan through central mexico that originated from guatemala headed toward the san diego, california, tijuana, mexico, area. >> bill: more to come on that. casey stiegel, eagle pass, texas. >> sandra: governor ralph northam and lieutenant governor justin fairfax still resisting calls to resign. a live report from richmond next. richard burr saying he has seen no direct evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia.
8:28 am
so where does the russia probe go from here? senator intel committee member jim risch joins us next. >> president trump: the fact is that the real collusion was between hillary and the democrats and the other side with russia. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. how sexy are these elbows? ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
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8:31 am
>> sandra: now to the political crisis engulfing virginia's top democrats. sexual assault allegations against fairfax. governor ralph northam says he won't resign over the racist photo in his college year book. we are joined from richmond with the latest in virginia. good morning. >> good morning to you. at this point vanessa tyson hasn't filed a criminal complaint against justin fairfax but the district attorney in boston has reached
8:32 am
out to tyson's attorneys says her office will investigate if they file a complaint. rachel collins confirms what was first report evidence by the "boston globe" telling us these are unique circumstances. we wouldn't normally discuss a matter like this publicly but the decision was made to self-identify. i would be remiss if i didn't make my office and its resources available to her. tyson's legal team haven't said if they're pursuing a complaint. but the statute of limitations for sexual assault in massachusetts is 15 years. so the deadline for them to do that is now less than six months away. lieutenant governor justin fairfax denies the allegations but his office tells us he would cooperate with any investigation if a criminal complaint is filed but add in a statement. in that event the lieutenant governor will explore all options to filing his own criminal complaint in response to the filing of a false criminal complaint against him.
8:33 am
last night vanessa tyson spoke publicly for the first time on a stanford. she didn't mention fairfax by name but discuss how women are often attacked when they come forward. >> on the topic of credibility, it deeply concerns me that some women who come forward and some men, too, because i want to make clear that, you know, men and boys are victims of rape as well. but there is a recurring theme at least when women come forward that, you know, the deliberate attempt to try to undermine someone's credibility. >> tyson's attorneys are urging the virginia legislature to move forward with plans to have some type of hearing to allow the women to testify. at this point state lawmakers are at a loss how to best move forward with any kind of investigation if they're able to at all.
8:34 am
>> sandra: that situation continues in virginia. >> president trump: they have been investigating this russia hoax for two years. think of it. they've interviewed over 200 people. they've studied hundreds of thousands of documents and pages, and richard just announced that they found no collusion between donald trump and russia. >> bill: big applause line monday night repeating his -- richard burr said so far no collusion. are they near the end? one man who might have an answer. republican senator jim risch serves on the intelligence committee. thank you for coming back to our program.
8:35 am
two specific questions, i'm reading you are near the end. is that true or not? >> well, first of all number two on that committee. richard burr is the chairman of that committee. richard has done an amazing job on this. he has dedicated a good share of his life to this over the last two years and knows what he is talking about. we've looked at hundreds of thousands of documents, interviewed hundreds of people, the president's description and richard burr's description are absolutely accurate as far as i'm concerned regarding this claim of collusion between president trump and the russians. it is just not there. >> bill: to be clear there is no collusion that your committee has found. >> there has been no collusion, there has been no evidence of collusion. now, i understand i heard democrats say you can use circumstantial tying together facts. it is not there. i was a prosecutor. i know what evidence is. it is simply not there. people need to listen to the president when he says that and listen to richard burr when he
8:36 am
says that. i hope somebody will go back to the original story that "the new york times" wrote on february 14th of 2017 where they said they had all these witnesses of government employees who have proof of it. where are these people and where is the evidence? somebody needs to have "the new york times" come out and tell us where they got that from? >> bill: did you hear senator warner. he have said hang on, we have to bring all these people back. there is new information, the story shifted and changed. he is insisting that many of those people will have to be reinterviewed. what is your view on that? >> look, mark warner is a good friend of mine. i've had lots of discussions with him and listened to him in the committee very closely. and he is one of those people that is just bound and determined to get to that point where he desperately wants this evidence. sometimes when you want something too much you start fantasizing as to how to get
8:37 am
there. look, this has been exhaustive. this is my third investigation. i was on the original investigation on the benghazi. this is the third one that i've been involved one. this is the most exhaustive of all three. >> bill: i will give you a minute to put your ear piece in. you are saying he is fantasizing about it's not there? >> he really wants to get there and when you talk about going back and redoing all this stuff. there has been hundreds of thousands of documents looked at. there has been -- there has been hundreds of people interviewed and deposed and everything else. it is not there. how long can this go on? it has to come to anened. -- an end. >> bill: what do you think is at the root of this? >> politics. >> bill: their view for the
8:38 am
president? something planted three years ago they can't seem to let go of. >> they can't let go of it. i've run 34 times for office. i have never seen the hate and vitriol against an individual that there is against this president. it is unfortunate. a fact of life but it is driving lots of things in washington, d.c. today that it shouldn't be driving. we've got a lot of important things to do here. all day long every day if you turn on the tv, the story is about donald trump and in a very negative fashion. >> bill: you are suggesting it is politics as you said there a moment ago. they want the issue and they don't want to conclude it is what you're saying. >> they don't want it concluded. believe me, having been a prosecutor and been through these other investigations, this crop is very ripe and it is time to get it into a report. get it out to the american
8:39 am
public. when the report is out there, people that support the president are going to look at it and say there is no evidence here. the people who don't see yeah but we know how bad he is. he must have done it. if you tie it together. it is flat not there. >> bill: you made that point repeatedly here. 20 seconds left hearing on venezuela today. what can the american people expect about the push to get more democratic government there? >> the united states government is fully bought into and supports the new administration of juan guaido. we want to support the venezuelan people. they have done exactly what people should do and government should do. they used the rule of law to make a change. what they did is removed the president pursuant forsection 233 in their constitution just as united states can remove a president. they did it and they did it lawfully. it is time for mr. maduro to quit making -- pretending he is
8:40 am
the president. he is not the president. >> bill: on the russia report is it coming soon or not? >> you know, i'm going to defer to the chairman on that. >> bill: february of 2019 you said it yourself you're exhausted. >> this is over. >> bill: senator, thank you. jim risch, idaho. appreciate you coming on. >> sandra: california's long promised high speed train is now dead. the governor pulled the plug on the nation's largest infrastructure project because the cost, he says, was astronomical. the move seen as another blow to the so-called green new deal. william la jeunesse is live out in our west coast bureau. good morning. >> high speed rail is a core plank in the green new deal. the signature project is dead. california is not going to build a bullet train from l.a. to san francisco.
8:41 am
it looked good on paper and better in animation. the democrats' dream project ran into economic reality. the true costs, timetable unrealistic, unsustainable. yesterday the governor put a bullet in the bullet train scaling the project back by 80%. essentially to money spent or already appropriated. >> the current project as planned would cost too much and take too long. there has been too little oversight, not enough transparency. right now there simply isn't a path to get from sacramento to san diego, let alone from san francisco to l.a. >> for years skeptics told governor brown the train faced huge obstacles. democrats and unions supported it. the project became toxic. the plan was 2 1/2 hours from l.a./san francisco. that came three to four hours as the project added stops and
8:42 am
used old track. taxpayers lost everything, $10 billion state money. $3.5 in federal money. newsome cut the route to keep the federal subsidy. it is not going to happen. he is hoping to keep it. we don't know if the administration will try to reclaim it for failure to perform. the green new deal said trains would make planes obsolete. maybe not. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: congress working to finalize a border security deal. will they get it today? president trump signals he is in no rush to sign it. that word broke from john roberts one hour ago so can both sides avoid another government shutdown? california democratic congressman harley rudd is our next guest coming up. s: ♪ safel, safelite replace ♪
8:43 am
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>> president trump: am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i'm not.
8:46 am
i'm not happy. but am i happy with where we're going? i'm thrilled because we're supplementing things and moving things around. bottom line is we're building a lot of wall right now. >> sandra: that was the president yesterday. now a highly-placed white house source telling fox news the president has not decided whether to sign that compromise border security deal and that he wants his administration to go through it with a fine tooth comb first. joining us now is congressman harley rudd, great to have you here. he serves on the oversight committee. how are you feeling about how things are going at this moment as we await the president to get this in his hands so they can start going through it? >> i'm cautiously optimistic. this is the beauty of how our government works. we negotiate with both parties and both parts of the house and come to a uniform understanding of what needs to be done. that's what is going in front
8:47 am
of the president. i hope the president supports it. >> sandra: we talk about $1.4 billion for new fencing along the border with mexico. nancy pelosi leader of your party said she didn't want to put a dollar towards that. would this be handing a president a victory? >> i don't want to get caught up in the vernacular. it does not include any funding for a concrete wall. what we do know is we need border and port security across the united states. and i am very supportive of any legislation that does that. one of the key things in this proposed legislation is a huge increase in funding for our ports where 85% of the illegal drugs come through. so that's money well spent. >> sandra: it sounds like there is a lot that you like about this proposal. the president yesterday in that cabinet meeting making it clear there is a lot of things he has seen so far that he is not happy about. here is more from the president in that cabinet meeting yesterday. he tweeted this out yesterday.
8:48 am
thanking the republican conferees. i want to thank all the republicans for the work you've done in dealing with the radical left on border security. not an easy task. the wall is being built and be a great achievement and contributor for life and safety within our country. per our reporting just in the past hour on this, congressman, the president is not ruling out declaring a national emergency to secure the rest of the funding needed to build that border wall or fencing or whatever you want to call it. what happens then if the president decides to go that route? >> i hope he doesn't go as far as calling it a national emergency. i think the results would get hung up in court but worse than that it sets a precedent for future presidents, republican or democrat to do the same thing. if we want to talk about national emergencies, we should be talking about the opioid crisis, the gun violence crisis and climate change in general which orange counties, the voters who sent me deal we deal with that every day. those are true national crises
8:49 am
that need our attention. >> sandra: senator john kennedy was on with us earlier this morning and get your response. >> it's not $5.7 billion, but it is not the zero that speaker pelosi said he was going to get, either. with the money already on hand it is about $2 billion, 1.375 in the bill, another 600 million that he has. that's over the next seven months. am i happy we had to compromise? no. do i wish it was $5.7 billion? yes. it's not zero either. >> sandra: some conservatives called it a sell-out. mitch mcconnell is urging the president to sign it. i know you don't want to get into who is winning but perhaps both sides can claim victory. final thoughts. >> perhaps. mexico was going the pay for the wall. that didn't happen. a republican house, republican senate and president who is a republican failed to pass a
8:50 am
$5.7 billion budget for this purpose. so it's clear that even republicans recognize that taxpayers don't want their money wasted. >> sandra: when do you think you'll get to look at the actual language of this proposal? when do you think you'll have it in your hands? >> i'm hoping we have it later today and hoping we vote on it tomorrow and no later than friday. >> sandra: cautiously optimistic. appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> bill: vice president mike pence pushing u.s. pry -- priorities in the meeting on the middle east. how does the trump team maintain the pressure on the iranian regime. we'll take you there coming up. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get
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8:54 am
not going away as lieutenant governor justin fairfax hangs onto his job amidst sexual assault claims. we're hearing for the first time from one of his accusers and wants to tell her story in some form of an investigation. fairfax says he has nothing to hide. what it all might mean for democrats down the road. >> we'll talk about that and democratic senator klobuchar is not denying she can be tough on her staff as she faces reports of mistreating them. some continue to ask if this would be an issue for a man. >> all that and #oneluckyguy on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: fox news alert there. vice president mike pence traveling in poland meeting with world leaders on middle east policy. iran's supreme leaders says the talks with the u.s. would only lead to material and spiritual harm. we pick it up from there live in jerusalem. >> for the next 48 hours leaders from around the world
8:55 am
will meet in warsaw, poland, to discuss a variety of issues in the middle east and regional influence for iran. mike pompeo traveled to warsaw on wednesday for the summit co-host evidence by the united states and poland. during his trip pompeo will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issuing strong warnings to iran after the country threatened to attack israel. as he left for warsaw yesterday he confirmed israel struck iranian targets in syria earlier this week. with the u.s. having pulled out of the iran nuclear deal they'll look to promote the views of the trump administration how to counter iranian influence in the region. pence discussing this in poland today in front of u.s. troops. >> the united states will always put the security and prosperity of america first. the president has made clear as all of you demonstrate,
8:56 am
american first does not mean america alone. >> they'll be joined by jared kufpner. the administration will use meetings in poland to remind partners between peace between the israelis and palestinians could help to push back against iranian influence. as we know and reported earlier this week on fox news that deal of the sen tour eave is reportedly complete but not going to be released likely in the coming months due to the israeli election. >> bill: trey yengst in our middle east bureau. >> sandra: a live look at the white house. in a few moments the president will be greeting the president of columbia. it comes as protests intensifying in neighboring venezuela. we'll have that for you live when it happens. stay with us. of the united stm . and as one of the largest us gold coin distributors in the country, us money reserve has proudly served hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. there may have never been a better time
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the best simple salad ever?d great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at >> bill: all rate. [laughter] great answer. likewise. >> sandra: i haven't got that
9:00 am
went down. it was a good wednesday morning. a lot of news. the news will continue, because the president will likely get the language of this proposal this afternoon. possibly this evening. a lot will change. >> bill: watching by the hour. you come too, right? >> sandra: that's it for us. speethirty five starts now. >> melissa: the white house weighing his options as president trump -- despite his unhappiness of the deal. but the administration insisting the president will get funding for the wall one way or the other. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. we have kennedy herself, fox news contributor and host on fox nation katie pavlich, fox contributor lisa boothe, joining us on the couch is panelist and cohost of "the five," juan williams. >> kennedy: the juan and


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